About The Snow Trekker

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Welcome To The Snow Trekker

A website dedicated to outdoor activities with an initial focus on snow sports. You will find the latest gear reviews and information on related topics. We hope you enjoy the website.

About the Creator

My name is Paul Deane and my main passion in life is travelling and having new adventures. From learning to ski and snowmobile in Canada, to going hiking through the Colombian jungle. I know how time consuming it can be researching the best clothes and equipment to take with you. That is what inspired me to create The Snow Trekker website.


Our goal is to provide the latest information and best gear reviews to people who are passionate about outdoor activities. To become a trusted source of information, who always have your safety and comfort in mind.

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Research & Revenue

Research has been provided by myself and freelance writers and we do our best to try to provide you with the best options on the market.

The website generates income through affiliate marketing and advertising. This means we will earn a small amount of commission when you purchase something through the website at no extra cost to you. All recommendations are independent and impartial. Writers do not earn directly from commissions so there is no conflict of interest.

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Contact Us

Please fill out the page on the contact form if you wish to get in touch. I will aim to reply within a few days.

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