Top 5 Best Snowboard Bindings

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best snowboard bindings are then I would recommend the Burton Freestyle as the best ones.

Although overlooked, snowboard bindings are an essential component of the overall snowboard setup. These useful bindings transform power from your legs, feet, and body into the snowboard. Not only do snowboard bindings enable you to quickly control your weight and board, but it also maintains the comfort of your feet.

Snowboard bindings can prevent long-term detrimental injuries to your body, so you must ensure that you invest in a quality pair. In this article, we examine the necessary things to consider before buying your next pair of snowboard bindings. We also provide you a list of the top products on the market, their benefits, drawbacks, and ideal situations for use.

Here are the snowboard bindings we will be reviewing:

Essential Things to Consider before Buying Snowboard Bindings

Snowboard bindings are an essential investment, so you must consider all aspects before making your purchase. Below are some of the components to focus on when evaluating the different snowboard binding products.

Different Types of Snowboard Bindings

Snowboard bindings get broken down into three categories:

  • Strap-in bindings – these are the most widely used snowboarding binding, offering security, responsiveness, and ease of use when putting them on and taking them off.
  • Rear-entry bindings – these bindings are unique in that they have the highback reinforced at the heel, as well as the singular strap near the toe.
  • Burton step-on bindings – these bindings help you slide into your boot quicker and click the heels into place, and they also only pair up with the Burton step-on boots.

Flex Rating

Most snowboard binding manufacturers assign products with a flex rating between 1 and 10. A score closer to 1 means that it is softer, while a rating closer to 10 is stiffer. You want to ensure that you align the flex rating with your riding style. The flex rating should also be in line with flex in your snowboarding boots.

If you are a freestyler or beginner, it is smart to choose bindings with shorter, flexible highbacks that fit snug against your Achilles. For more advanced free riders or snowboarders, the more suitable option would be the taller, stiffer bindings to experience more focused control at higher speeds.

Your Intended Use or Style

It is also vital to match your snowboard bindings with the type of snowboarding you will be doing. Below are the four types of situations or uses for snowboard bindings:

  • Freestyle (softer flex) – most useful for various tricks like spins, jumps, and other park expeditions like rails, half-pipe, and boxes.
  • All-mountain (soft-medium flex) – these are suitable for snowboarding runs and terrains, including powder, races, and pipe.
  • Powder – these bindings run stiffer because you need more control on the longer, more full boards that will coast through deeper powder.
  • Splitboard and freeride – for uncharted terrain or backcountry, these snowboard bindings offer the most control and are also stiff.

For beginners to just learn and have fun, make sure to choose snowboard bindings with a softer flex rating. Advanced riders usually want products with stiffer, taller highbacks to maneuver and control their board at fast speeds, elevated terrain, or thick powder.

Compatibility Between Boot and Binding

Almost all snowboard bindings offer a variety of mounting options for snowboards. These mountain methods match up with the different hole patterns that are located on snowboards. And while most snowboard binding brands can universally mesh with any type of hole patterns, you should always double-check that you do not have the wrong set.

There are four various hole patterns for snowboards that you will come across. These include:

  • 4×4
  • 2×4
  • Burton Channel
  • Burton 3D

While the last two are specific to Burton, other snowboard makers are starting to license through them. 2×4 is a different version of the 4×4 that allows more flexible mounting options for riders.

Best Snowboard Binding Brands and Products on the Market

When we gathered the top snowboard binding brands on the market, we analyzed the different listings on company websites and other credible sites in the industry. We also factored in the review scores and which options had higher marks. Below, we have highlighted the best products for all riders, including their benefits and drawbacks.

Burton Freestyle Snowboard Bindings

The Burton Freestyle Snowboard Bindings are excellent for ascending snowboarders. It is built on a balanced design of FullBED cushioning, lightweight padding, and soft straps. There are many reasons why this pair of snowboard bindings have been Burton’s bestseller for over 20 years.

The one-piece hi-back utilizes Burton’s materials, enabling the rider to customize the flex profile to make it as responsive as he or she wants. The straps are 3D curved and accommodate any boot size or shape, and these are available in a variety of constructions and patterns. Burton also utilizes a singular material throughout the baseplate, which makes for consistent reaction and feel for all types of terrains.

Lastly, the buckles contain steel bases and aluminum levers that make the rider feel safe and secure. Depending on your skill level, Burton offers both single-component or upgraded performance for a more sustainable tongue.


  • Versatile hi-back offers complete control for the rider based on the situation
  • Re:Flex material in the baseplate makes for a consistent ride
  • Reactstrap design helps conform to all types of boots
  • Burton is one of the most trusted names in the industry and has an excellent support team
  • The product is part of Burton’s new sustainability goals


  • The snowboard bindings do not come with 3D mounting discs (will need to buy separately)

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Rome Katana Snowboard Bindings

The Rome Katana Snowboard Bindings are created from space-age components and are suitable for all types of mountain expeditions. This customizable product is backed by Rome’s AsymWrap chassis, which helps advanced free riders attack slopes with more control and precision.

The AsymWrap technology contains three different areas for heel hoop connection and the wrap at a single spot on the medial portion of the toe. For people who like to go surf style, this platform allows for a flexible, smoother feel.

The highback on Rome’s bindings enables the rider to rotate it to match up with the heel edge of the snowboard. The AsymChannel highback also offers a responsive, powerful flex pattern for increased support.  There is also technology in the highback that offers customization points for the lower leg as it changes while you get wider with your stance.

For the straps, you can enjoy the ultralight support, thanks to the combination of an interlocking TPU band and a fused EVA pad toward the middle.  The toe strap utilizes an auxetic pattern that reinforced comfort and stability.


  • Adjustable straps and highback offer a variety of options for advanced riders
  • Easy on-and-off process
  • AsymWrap chassis and technology provides a flexible, smooth design
  • The customizable product gives more riding options


  • For beginner riders who are still learning, this is not an ideal product option.

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Union Flite Pro Snowboard Bindings

The Union Flite Pro Snowboard Bindings are perfect for the riders who live in the park. Thanks to the CP1 highback, there is much room for customization and flexibility. Through a sleek, lightweight design, snowboarders can enjoy a comfortable ride with many opportunities for tricks.

Because of Union’s duraflex materials in the baseplate, it provides a consistent flex in a variety of colder temperatures. There is also extra cushioning and shock absorption in the heels because of the thermoformed EVA bushing. For the people who are doing quick turns and shreds in the park, the consistent board flex provides a valuable option.

The straps also contain an anti-slip material that is thermoplastic, which keeps you grounded and safe for the constant change of direction. For the ankle strap, the forma design adds to the bindings’ strength and stability and produces a rapid response time for the ride.


  • Bindings use a Grade 8.8 Hardware, one of the most robust steels on the market
  • Ultragrip toe strap offers a variety of positions, depending on weight
  • Strong aluminum buckles add extra safety and stability
  • CP1 Duraflex makes for a consistent ride in the coldest of temperatures
  • Shock absorbing capabilities in the heel thanks to the thermoformed EVA bushing in the heel


  • Bindings contain a much lower flex rating, so it is not suitable for uncharted mountains.

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FLUX PR Snowboard Bindings

FLUX Bindings greatly improved its PR binding from previous sister products. It added in more stability with its EVO highback, which allows you to take those turns with confidence. This highback is also customizable because of the micro adjuster, which will enable you to move forward and backward to tilt the degree. This feature allows you to configure the disco baseplate precisely.

The shock absorption on the FLUX PR Snowboard is its unique advantage. Because of the Honeycomb strap design, the lightweight shape helps assure the stability for your ankles. You also receive an added level of durability because of the trigger buckle strap. The UU Fit design of the straps wraps around your feet 360 degrees, which aids in evenly distributing pressure across your foot.


  • EVO highback provides stability and comfort
  • Honeycomb strap design helps provide much-needed shock absorption
  • The strap design fits 360 degrees, which helps make your ankle feel snug
  • The micro adjuster enables you to adjust the degrees for a much more personalized fit


  • Not the most ideal option for intense riders who need a tighter fit

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Burton Stiletto Re:Flex Snowboard Bindings

The Women’s Burton Stiletto Re:Flex Snowboard Binding has been a popular option for years because of its comfort, cushioning, versatile flexibility, and durability. Riders can turn fluidly without the need for extra stiffness, and the softer flex is ideal for women of all skill levels.

The highback on the Burton Stiletto is also designed shorter to accompany the calf muscles of females, without the pinching or discomfort. The baseplate is made of a single component that provides an ideal combination of responsiveness and lightweight power distribution. For an effective response on the sharper turns, the Reactstrap offers pressure point relief.

For the unexpected vibrations and bumps, the FullBED cushioning makes these go unnoticed with little impact on the muscles. The flex slider separates away from the strap so that riders can enjoy an easy and-off-process.


  • Safe and comfortable fit, thanks to the supergrip capstrap
  • Highback is designed for women’s muscles and comfort
  • Mid-soft flex of the bindings helps freestyle riders enjoy the slopes
  • Pressure points are relieved because of the Reactstrap


  • The ratchets are not secure enough to the straps.

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Conclusion: The Winner

Depending on your situation and skill level, you can choose from a variety of options when purchasing a quality pair of bindings. It is tough to select the best brand, but our top pick for best snowboard bindings is the Burton Freestyle.

The reflex material located in the baseplates offers the most consistent ride on the list, and riders can control more freely with Burton’s highbacks. The Reactstrap design also makes it compatible with all kinds of boots, and it allows for added comfort. Invest in Burton’s most popular snowboard bindings and enjoy the comfortability while you shred downhill.




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